The Vegan Society of Kenya

Why Vegan

There are three very important reasons to go vegan. The first and foremost is the ethical reason, justice and compassion for the animals.


In the African social structure, people and animals used to coexist peacefully. Adverse animal exploitation and abuse is an advent of modernization.


Health practitioners have always advised that for better health, one’s diet should contain at least five portions of fruits and vegetables.

Our Earth

Pollution and CO2 emission have a very negative impact on the planet. Livestock production contributes to 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas.

Vegan Society of Kenya

Vegan Options for Everyone!


We're working to encourage local institutions to improve their current plant-based offering. We're also calling for legislative change, to guarantee a plant-based option on every public sector menu.

In Schools In Universities
In hospitals In prisons
In the workplace
We want to see vegans and non-vegans alike, enjoying good quality, healthy, tasty vegan food in all public sector settings and with your help we hope to make this a reality.
There are a number of things you can do to help us get more and better vegan options into the public sector:
  • Write to your council
  • Contact your local institutions with our template letters
  • Write to your MP encouraging them to back the campaign
  • Share your experiences of good or bad vegan provision in the public sector
If you have information that would be useful for the campaign, for example, a response from a local institution of politician, then please share this with us at or leave your experiences on our webform here.
We are calling on the Kenyan government to change the law to guarantee a plant-based option, suitable for vegans, on every public sector menu, every day.

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Vegan Living

How to Go Vegan


Vegan Nutrition

It is possible to meet all your nutritional needs with a well-balanced vegan diet. Some of the largest and strongest animals live on an entirely plant-based diet.

Vegan Recipes

All your favorites can be veganized. It is especially easy in Kenya as most of our staples are predominantly vegan. It is possible to have a filling, healthy and balanced vegan meal for only Kshs 100.

Vegan Products

From daily essentials such as dairy free and meat free foods, to ethical fashion and beauty, luxury and rare vegan items, we will keep you updated on what products are available in Kenya and where to get them.


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