About Us

The Vegan Society of Kenya


The Vegan Society of Kenya is a volunteer organization focused on public outreach, distribution of resources, product endorsement as well as providing support for those who choose the vegan lifestyle. The vegan society was established in the year 2013 as Kenyan Vegans, and has been involved in vegan outreach and animal rights activism for the last 8 years. It was formally registered as Vegan Society of Kenya in the year 2020.

VSoK Website

This website's primary focus is to create awareness about the vegan lifestyle in regards to food and nutrition, recipes, animal rights, vegan activism, vegan news and facts, society and culture, as well as vegan fashion and beauty.

Our Promise

We are committed to ensuring that vegan living is accessible, enjoyable and sustainable for all Kenyans and Africans in general.


The Vegan Society of Kenya’s mission is to increase the public awareness about the three main pillars of veganism.


The vegan diet is the key to maintaining optimum health. The vegan diet has also been proven to help prevent, cure or manage many diseases.

Animal Rights

The Vegan diet promotes animal rights by not supporting the use of animals and animal products. Vegans do not participate in the extreme cruelty inherent in the meat, dairy, egg, fur and leather industries. We also do not support testing on animals.

Environmental Conservation

Animal agriculture is largely responsible for destruction of thousands of species of flora and fauna, pollute bodies of water and significantly contribute to greenhouse gases.


We at The Vegan Society of Kenya are committed to organizing activities to raise awareness about these three issues. We will accomplish our mission via grassroots activism, outreach, social activities, fundraising, education and other means.