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The vegan society of Kenya is running a new program, Vegan Made in Africa. In this program we are showcasing vegan innovators based in Africa, who are in effect using African vegan raw materials, labor and other resources within the continent to make affordable and safe vegan options for both vegans and the meat eating public.

Our first innovator is BonaFactory.

Bonafactory was founded by Sara Alberg. Sara has a PhD in food science and she is very passionate about using her knowledge and skills to create cruelty free and affordable vegan food.

Sara uses African super foods such as Moringa and baobab to increase the nutrient density in her products. This gives the consumers a higher possibility of meeting all their nutrition needs without resulting to animal products.

Since Bonafactory sources all their products from the local farmers, they are empowering the farmers by creating a constant market for their produce at competitive rates.

For the vegan lifestyle to become mainstream in Africa, we need to have locally made affordable products. This is important for the vegan lifestyle to be a realistic and attainable goal in Africa.

Bonafactory products are available in local supermarkets and major grocery stores. You can watch the interview here


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