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Veggie Victory is the second innovator to feature in our Vegan Made in Africa program. Veggie Victory is a food tech company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company was founded  by a married couple, Hakeem and Bola.

In the words of Hakeem, co-founder of Veggie Victory, Bola is the creative force behind the Vchunks. Bola has improved her secret recipe three times, coming up with a tasty, nutritious product.


By accomplishing this feat, Veggie Victory has not only put Africa on a level playing field with the big players in the meat replacement products arena, the company has also made it possible for vegans in Africa to have  affordable, yet tasty plant-based meat. This is a very big deal as it makes veganism an attainable goal for the majority of Africans in all income brackets.

When Bola talks about her work, you can tell instantly that she is passionate about veganism. She knows without a doubt that Vchunks is a product that can have a great positive impact on the environment, our health, and ultimately for the animals.


About Vchunks as a product:

This meat replacement product of African origin contains more protein than beef, has no cholesterol and definitely no antibiotics.

Because it is made with local ethically sourced materials, it is an environment friendly product, and of course it protects animals by providing a plant-based alternative to meat. Hence it covers the three pillars of veganism, Health, the Environment and Animal rights.

We need more innovations like these in our continent, because veganism is the only effective tool for fighting climate change, maintaining optimal health, and protecting the animals.

You can watch Bola’s interview here.







  • Hakeem
    October 14, 2021 Reply

    Love it! Onwards plant-based Africa

  • Hakeem
    October 14, 2021 Reply

    Love it! 💚🌱 Onwards plant-based Africa

    • Rachel Kabue
      October 16, 2021 Reply

      Indeed! Thank you Hakeem.

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